I had been apprehensive in advance of my presentation on social media today at Griffith University, as a contribution to the Skool Project 2009, organised by cricketer and Griffith staffer Michael Jeh and which I posted about earlier this afternoon. After all, I would be presenting to a group of digital immigrants and I was frankly not sure I would be able to say a lot that was news to them.

They took it in good part when I showed them in the slides how I had envisaged them as an audience in relation to me (slide 2), bringing gifts they would know all about.

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I really don’t know how much I achieved my goal of helping the group see the value of developing their own social media strategy as part of building and caring for their own brand, but I had fun, several people thanked me and a few said they got good value from it.

And I learnt things.

A few things that, if there is a next time with a young group like this, I will want to definitely include:

  • introducing them to VisualCV – this was a big hit (practical for young people going for jobs)
  • more on a practical approach to having a blog without it being a burden
  • explaining and illustrating RSS more and how it can help you manage information and promote yourself
  • explaining why and how to get your own domain as an investment in your career and your branding, and how you can park it until ready

They liked posterous and I would not be surprised to find that several participants have posterous sites before the week is out.

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