Social Media Coaching

Social Media Strategy – Coaching for Business Owners and Executives

  • de-mystifying social media
  • cutting through the jargon and hype to see what can work for you
  • helping you develop your own strategy for establishing your online social presence
  • providing a foundation on which you can build your social media engagement
  • no cookie-cutters – focused on how you make your brand social
  • time-saving coaching and resources: what has taken us years to learn you get in weeks
Who will find this program valuable?

This Social Media Strategy Coaching Program is designed for business owners, executives who have:

  • an established offline and/or online business, practice or career
  • basic to well developed online experience, or at least a keenness to learn and take strategic action now
  • readiness to incorporate social media into your business or career strategy

Who will not find the program to their liking?

Anyone who thinks social media is just a passing fad/ too risky. Anyone who wants to just know what tools to use, without a strategy.

Social Media Leader Program

This personal coaching program is for business owners and executives who are ready to be effective leaders for social media in a business environment.