Linkedin 3rd Most Popular Networking Site, How Important for You?

LinkedIn 3rd most popular networking site

I don't know if I'm right in thinking that my email inbox is peppered frequently with messages about the relative popularity of various social networking platforms, but it does seem that way. And my impression is that, apart from the acknowledged … [Continue reading]

Does Offering a Free e-Book Help Build a Great List, or a Mediocre One?

handmade gift wrap, by erika g., Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

The experts tell us to offer a free gift so as to gather email addresses As a friend of mine reminds me frequently, "All the people who have been successful in marketing online have great email lists". I get that. Or at least that anyone who has … [Continue reading]

Start the Year with a Boost to Your LinkedIn Presence

Linking Edge Intensive Feb 2014

As LinkedIn continues to grow - 259 million+ users, with two new members every second - I'm finding that more and more people are actively interested in learning about how to make the best use of this, the leading social networking platform for … [Continue reading]

Why knowing who your real client is could be crucial for your business

Lone Piper, by Stuart Caie - kyz - via Flickr

Are you working with the real client, or with a stand-in? Drawing on my own experience and that of others of my acquaintance, I would go so far as to say that - in the professional services field - not knowing who the real client is could jeopardize … [Continue reading]