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Leadership & Digital Disruption

Leaders today face special unprecedented challenges with the convergence of dramatic, rapid changes in technology, society and work. Digital disruption is changing whole industries (Uber for transport, AirBnB for hospitality). It is a time of threat for some, opportunity for others. My Leading from Strength executive coaching program focuses on opportunity. It is designed to support you as a leader in fulfilling your potential in this new, always on, digitally hyperlinked world – and enjoying, not suffering, the process.  [Read more]

Social Business Bites stands out because it’s useful. Each article Des includes is there for a reason, and he always explains why it matters. His insight about business and technology and his depth of knowledge make all the difference. That’s why I read every issue.

Becky McCray

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Social media icons on a bar

In many companies, “social media” means setting up a Facebook fan page, a few executives opening LinkedIn accounts, adding a blog to the company website, maybe starting a Twitter account. That’s tactics, not strategy. And just as in business generally, tactics without strategy does not make a formula for success. I help you develop a strategic approach to social media engagement, with a clear objective of turning your customers into raving fans and champions of your brand.  [Read more]

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