The New Conversation about LinkedIn

As recently as a couple of years ago it was a regular experience for me that business owners would acknowledge that they had some sort of profile on LinkedIn but spent no time on the platform, and then say something along the lines of “I suppose I should have a look at it some time”, all the while exhibiting no sign of real interest other than idle chat.

That’s changed. Now I am more likely to get a serious conversation about how LinkedIn can help them with making good connections and attracting business.

Which if you have been following the growth of LinkedIn is not so surprising.

With ist 327,000,000 registered members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn has become indisputably the leading social media platform for business professionals, especially in the business-to-business (B2B) sector.

LinkedIn statistics - 327,000,000 members and distribution by country



But what really makes LinkedIn special?

Unlike many other social networking sites, where the objective seems to be one of getting the maximum possible number of people signed up, LinkedIn has been from the outset a specialized, business networking site aimed at attracting and connecting professional people.

It is much more a business site than a social site, although in recent times there have been more social elements introduced. Because LinkedIn is structured as a business contact and referral site and has powerful search tools, it is a logical place to be when you want people to know about your services or products. It has also become a professional publishing site, with dramatically expanded scope for you to promote your brand and expertise.

Why LinkedIn Coaching and Support?

Our experience over a number of years is that, while many people have succeeded in making LinkedIn a key part of their business networking and promotion strategies, many others are either unaware of how they can use LinkedIn or confused by it.

The big picture – LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy

LinkedIn is an essential part of the social media strategy for most businesses, especially in the business-to-business (B2B) space.

Apart from anything else, think about the fact that many business people won’t take a meeting now without first checking your LinkedIn profile. What will they find there? Will it tell the same story you want to tell them face to face?

Helping you get value from LinkedIn

Currently I offer two services to help you get value from LinkedIn:

LinkedIn for Business – live or online workshop

This covers the basics of LinkedIn for professionals, plus key insider tips for more effective use of the platform. The interactive workshop typically lasts for two hours. It can be followed up with another session at a more advanced level.

LinkedIn Leader Fast Track

This one on one support program is ideal for the CEO or other executive who is ready to use LinkedIn to establish industry thought leadership and build more effective professional networks.

A free startup or re-boot guide

From various conferences, webinars and conversations over recent years I have noticed a need for a basic “get started” (or re-started) guide to LinkedIn. So I put together a really basic guide: if you would like to have that, with my compliments, just provide the details below and I’ll send you the download details.

Ask me about any of this

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