Get professional and business leverage with LinkedInThe premier professional networking site LinkedIn now has over 300 million members and close to 2 million groups.

An optimized, active LinkedIn account is now a must for any business professional.

But many (most?) people don’t know how to get the best out of their LinkedIn membership.

One of my specialties is showing businesses how to have an effective presence on LinkedIn and how to use the platform to grow your business or career.

Services provided include, as set out below:

Some Background: the LinkedIn Phenomenon

LinkedIn for Recruiting book, by Bill Vick and Des Walsh

When Bill Vick and I wrote our first edition of the recruiting industry’s guide to LinkedIn, LinkedIn for Recruiting, published at the beginning of 2006, there were just over 4 million members.

LinkedIn social platform

Just 8 years on, in a pattern of continuous growth, the number has ballooned to over 300 million, spanning more than 200 countries and territories.

It is a global phenomenon, with over 50 million members in the Asia Pacific alone.

LinkedIn currently operates in fourteen languages, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia.

If LinkedIn were a country, it would have the 5th largest population in the world.

What makes LinkedIn special?

Unlike many other social networking sites, where the objective seems to be one of getting the maximum possible number of people signed up, LinkedIn has been from the outset a specialized, business networking site aimed at attracting and connecting professional people.

It is much more a business site than a social site, although in recent times there have been more social elements introduced. Because LinkedIn is structured as a business contact and referral site and has powerful search tools, it is a logical place to be when you want people to know about your services or products. It has also become a professional publishing site, with dramatically expanded scope for you to promote your brand and expertise.

Why LinkedIn Coaching and Support?

Our experience over a number of years is that, while many people have succeeded in making LinkedIn a key part of their business networking and promotion strategies, many others are either unaware of how they can use LinkedIn or confused by it.

People commonly say things like:

  • “I get all these invitations from friends to connect on LinkedIn, but I don’t see the point: I already have their contact details.”
  • “Someone invited me once and I joined but I haven’t looked at it. Is it something I should look at?”
  • “It’s a kind of resumé site isn’t it? I’m not looking for a job so why would I be interested?”
  • “My customers and prospects wouldn’t be on there.”

Before we go on, some short answers to those perfectly understandable questions are:

  • It’s more than a contact book. The idea is for you and your colleagues to leverage your networks and be “findable” by many more people who may be people you want to do business with or may be interested in buying your product or services.
  • It’s up to you whether you want to look at it, but with all those professional people establishing a presence there, isn’t it worth a look?
  • Many people use LinkedIn both for seeking employment and for finding people to employ. But many others use it for more diverse business building purposes.
  • Do you know your customers and prospects aren’t there or are you just assuming that? And what if your competitors are then and connecting happily with people who could be your customers?

What coaching and support is available?

At the moment there are two basic options for personal LinkedIn coaching and two for company services.

The information here is very much a basic outline – please get in touch (details below) if you would like some more information to help you make a decision.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

The better your LinkedIn profile and its content are structured, the more you are likely to be found by the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.  This makeover is to support you in getting your profile up to speed, helping you put your best LinkedIn foot forward.

The makeover includes:

  • email exchange to clarify what you want to achieve via LinkedIn
  • 40 minute, one on one consultation, using Skype with screen sharing
  • follow up email with comments and suggestions for refining your profile
  • invitation to join my professional network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn profile Done With You

This “Done With You” option is for the time-strapped professional who wants me to work “side-by-side” to help put it all together.

It’s basically a deluxe version of the LinkedIn Profile Makeover just above, and it costs more because it requires a heavier commitment by me.

Unlike some offerings in the marketplace, it is not “done for you” because that would require breaking LinkedIn’s User Agreement – which I have no interest in doing.

Personal LinkedIn Strategy

There is more than one way to use LinkedIn effectively.

The LinkedIn Strategy coaching looks at your business objectives and helps you develop a strategy to make the best possible use of LinkedIn in a way that suits your particular business or career.

It includes:

  • initial email exchange to establish a shared understanding of how LinkedIn can support your business objectives
  • a personal, 60 minute online consultation using Skype screen sharing to be able to pinpoint specific items in your LinkedIn profile
  • email follow up to ensure smooth implementation
  • invitation to join my professional network on LinkedIn

Company LinkedIn Strategy

The introduction of Company Pages on LinkedIn has been a game-changer for agile companies wanting to leverage the LinkedIn service more effectively. The Company LinkedIn Strategy coaching looks at your business objectives and helps you develop a strategy tailored to your company’s industry and goals.

It includes:

  • initial email exchange to establish a shared understanding of how LinkedIn can support your business objectives
  • 60 minute online consultation to establish the current level of company engagement on LinkedIn, relationship of LinkedIn engagement to broader strategic objectives, executives/employees likely to participate in the process.
  • email follow up to ensure smooth implementation
  • invitation to join my professional network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn company page Done With You

This service is for when you decide you want a company or brand page but don’t want to, or can’t, dedicate the necessary time to learn everything that has to be done and then implement it all yourself.

As every company and every brand is different, and as some companies require videos and professional graphic elements to be included, this service is customized for the specific company/brand.

Corporate Workshops

I love working with groups, interactively. So if you are interested in a company or group workshop, either online (easily done) or live (travel and other costs could need to be added), please get in touch (see details below for making contact).


The big picture – LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy

I believe LinkedIn is an important element of a social media strategy for most businesses and for freelance professionals. I also believe you can get much more value out of your LinkedIn strategy if it is part of a broader social media strategy.

A free startup or re-boot guide

From various conferences, webinars and conversations over recent years I have noticed a need for a basic “get started” (or re-started) guide to LinkedIn. So I put together a really basic guide: if you would like to have that, with my compliments, just provide the details below and I’ll send you the download details.

Ask me about any of this

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of the above. You can use:

  • the Contact page on this site
  • email at deswalsh(at)gmail(dot)com

If you would like to talk on Skype, send me your Skype username details via the Contact or email options and we can then connect via Skype.