Welcome to your Joy Meter New Quiz

Rate your regular "default" level of joy, from 1 to 5, for each of the items listed below, to get an aggregate score for the basic level of joy you have in your life. The scores for the individual segments will suggest areas where you can take specific action to increase your overall joy level.

1 is for low or no joy and 5 is totally joyful.

Answer the questions as quickly as possible, so as to get closest to what you really feel about each item right now.

There are 6 questions in all. There are no "correct" scores and the results are confidential.



1) Health. How joyful are you about your health?
2) Relationships. Rate your overall joy level for your primary relationships - family and close friends.
3) Business/Career. That's your regular level of joy about your business or career?
4) Financial. how joyful are you when you consider your current and prospective financial situation?
5) Inner Life. What joy do you have in your "higher self" - think peace of mind, clear sense of purpose and worth...?
6) Self Love. What level of joy do you have in terms of loving yourself, as evidenced for example in giving priority to your health, your needs?
7) Contribution. What joy score do you give yourself for your contribution, to the community, to others?
8) Energy. How joyful are you about your regular energy levels?
9) Loving Your Body. How do you score for joy about your body (as it is) ?
10) Vision. What level of joy do you experience when you consider your vision for your future?