Social Media Coaching

In addition to my more generic business coaching, I offer two main streams of social media coaching:

  • Social Media Strategy – coaching for business owners, executives and freelance professionals
  • Social Media Leader Coaching – for those who have chosen or been nominated to be social media leaders in their company or organization

Social Media Strategy – Coaching for Business Owners, Executives and Freelance Professionals

  • de-mystifying social media
  • cutting through the jargon and hype to see what can work for you
  • helping you develop your own strategy for establishing your online social presence
  • providing a foundation on which you can build your social media engagement
  • no cookie-cutters – focused on how you make your brand social
  • time-saving coaching and resources: what has taken us years to learn you get in weeks
Who will find this program valuable?

This Social Media Strategy Coaching Program is designed for business owners, executives and freelance professionals who have:

  • an established offline and/or online business, practice or career
  • basic to well developed online experience, or at least a keenness to learn and take strategic action now
  • readiness to incorporate social media into your business or career strategy

Who will not find the program to their liking?

Anyone who thinks social media is just a passing fad/ too risky. Anyone who wants to just know what tools to use, without a strategy.

Program Outline

The program is structured with three levels, each with the same fundamental structure of a preliminary social media audit and six coaching modules.

The preliminary social media audit is designed to show how you use social media now, whether for business or non-business purposes – Facebook, blogging, Twitter and so on – and what your understanding is of how social media works for business, especially for other business owners, exectuvies or freelance professionals.

The Three Levels

The three levels are Foundation, Breakthrough and Advanced . Each level uses the same modular structure, with more depth, detail and time spent in the Intensive and then Advanced levels.


The Foundation Program runs over a three week period and includes two one hour, one-on-one personal coaching sessions via Skype or telephone.


The Breakthrough Program is over six weeks and includes four one hour, one-on-one personal coaching sessions via Skype or telephone.


The Advanced Program takes place over a twelve week period, with ten one hours, one-on-one sessions via Skype or telephone.

All levels include email contact between Skype/phone coaching sessions.

The Six Modules

To help cater for individual experience levels and needs, the program is designed on a modular basis, with six coaching modules in all. This modular structure provides for fast-tracking some segments where less coaching is needed for the individual participant and spending more time on others where that is appropriate.

The coaching modules are:

  1. Brand You – what do you stand for and offer?
  2. Your Market – who are the people you must reach and influence?
  3. Objectives – how do you want your “social future’ to look?
  4. Strategy – how will you work towards those objectives?
  5. Technology – now you know your strategy, what tools do you need?
  6. Keeping Track – practical measurement methodology

Module 1: Brand You

It is commonly said that we do business – or prefer to do business – with people we know, like and trust (the “KLT” factor). Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity for you to tell your own story, unfiltered, and meet your market’s need to know who they can know, like and trust. Your social media strategy’s success will depend crucially on how clear you are about your brand – who you are, what you stand for, what you offer.

Module 2: Your Market

In social media there are some basic principles, but one size does not fit all markets. In this module we help you get crystal clear about who the people are you want to know about you, refer you, hire you or buy from you – your market. We look at ways to build knowledge and understanding about how they use social media, so you will be better able to connect and engge with them. This module includes guidance on the process of identifying keywords (and keyword phrases) likely to help your “findability” on search engines.

Module 3: Objectives

This module looks at how you want your “social media future” to look like. For example, some freelance professionals will want recruiters in their specialty to be very conscious of them and what they have to offer, some  business owners will want to have established a more two-way conversation with their customers and will want to have identified and engaged with the customers most likely to recommend them.

Module 4: Strategy

A common mistake, made by many companies large and small and by individual entrepreneurs and professionals, is to jump into social media without thinking through what they want to achieve and with whom. This can result in wasted time and lost opportunities. The strategic approach in our coaching puts a strong emphasis on first of all and then on an ongoing basis listening to your market, learning and engaging. Conversation follows. This is not about broadcasting.

Module 5: Technology

Many businesses get off on the wrong foot in social media by addressing this last question first: “What blog platform do you recommend?” “How do we get on Twitter?” “Is it a good idea for us to be on Facebook?”. Those can be important questions, but strategy has to come before the tools to implement it. We don’t neglect the tools, we just introduce them strategically, to fit your needs and priorities.

Module 6: Keeping Track

This module is where we look at how to measure results and assess progress. We dispel the myth that you can’t measure the value of investment of time, money and reputation in social media. Equally, we go beyond such crude measures as “number of hits” or page view counts. We look at advanced systems of gauging the effectiveness of your social media strategy over time.

What you need to bring
  • commitment to learning how social media can help your business
  • customer focus
  • readiness to take action
  • willingness to be coached
  • ability to commit at least an hour a day, five days a week, on average, to learning and application for the duration of your program

What you do not need

  • you do not need prior technical knowledge
  • you do not need to try and become a tech head
Your Investment*

Foundation – $597
Breakthrough – $1,397
Advanced – $3,297

Not sure which program is for you?

Why not take advantage of my offer of a no-cost, no-obligation 20 minute exploratory conversation via Skype? I don’t do hard sell (ask anyone) and I’ll only want to coach you if you and I both feel that is right and that you have chosen the right program. For more information on how to set up the Skype chat, please drop me a line via the Contact page.

* All prices are quoted in US currency. For the Foundation course, full payment is required in advance: ask about our installment options for the Intensive and Advanced options.

Social Media Leader Program

This personal coaching program is for business owners, executives and freelance professionals who are ready to be effective leaders for social media in a business environment.