Smartglasses, Social Context and Privacy

Des Walsh with smartglasses M100 from Vuzix

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of trying out a pair of smartglasses. These were the M100 product from Vuzix, the first commercially available smartglasses in the world. As the Vuzix website explains: The Vuzix M100 Smart […]

Join the Gold Coast Brand Slam! and Stand Out from the Crowd

Finding Marketing Your Product or Service a Challenge? In today’s marketplace, it’s not easy to stand out. To do that: You need to be memorable and convey the genuine you You need to set yourself apart from others who may be competing for the same opportunities You need people to know you are the go-to […]

Finding Great Content: try Alltop

deswalsh alltop page

Looking for content How do you find great content to tweet about or share on Facebook or LinkedIn or some other social network, or inspire a blog post you can be proud of? If you are challenged by that, you are not alone. ┬áJust now I searched on Google for the term <finding great content> […]

Social Business Bites Now a Reality

In my previous post I talked about my re-conceptualising and re-branding of my email newsletter, from Des Walsh Updates to Social Business Bites. I’ve now sent out the first edition of the new version, as Des Walsh Update is Now Social Business Bites. In the meantime I had refined my thinking about the transition process […]

Newsletter Makeover: Now “Social Business Bites”

Social Business Bites - fresh, tasty, nutritious!

This post is about the launch of my latest endeavour to master the art of online newsletter/update/regular report thingies. Enter Social Business Bites (fresh, tasty, nutritious!). Corny, yes, but it already makes me think more creatively about the process than the now-being-retired “Des Walsh Updates” or the not-really-lamented “Social Coach” title of a few years […]

Linkedin 3rd Most Popular Networking Site, How Important for You?

LinkedIn 3rd most popular networking site

I don’t know if I’m right in thinking that my email inbox is peppered frequently with messages about the relative popularity of various social networking platforms, but it does seem that way. And my impression is that, apart from the acknowledged leading duo of Facebook and Twitter, the buzz seems to be usually about one […]