The world is moving pretty fast these days, isn’t it?

Some people love change, others hate it. And that applies to social business.

But love it or hate it, we all know there really is no going back.

Trends in technology, society, and work converge to create enormous opportunity for businesses to become more effective, efficient, transparent, and agile. But navigating the challenges that these emerging trends present demands a willingness to embrace change and a fundamentally different approach to how business gets done.
Social Business Design, The Dachis Group

My mission is to help business owners and executives lead their teams effectively in the business transformation made necessary by the convergence of  global trends in technology, society, and work. So my focus is on coaching for visionary leadership for the new age of social business. As IBM says, going from liking to leading.

Des Walsh, Social Business Coach

Hi, I’m Des Walsh.

This is my main website and the primary place for my blogging: subjects are mainly about my current professional interests – visionary business leadership and social media strategy.

I blog also at thought-leading sites LinkedIn, Market Leadership Journal Social Media Today and Customer Think.

I’ve owned my own business for over 20 years. I’ve been active in online groups since the 1990s (!) and seriously engaged with social media for over 10 years. You can find my various locations on the social web – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram

My coach training is from the Graduate School of Coaching at Coachville. I’m a certified social media strategist from Society 3 Academy. I have the knowledge, the skill, and an internationally proven methodology, to help you integrate social media with your overall business strategy.

LinkedIn is a specialty. I help you use LinkedIn effectively, to promote your brand and enhance your professional reputation. My LinkedIn profile is at this link.

I’ve been around

I’ve found I can help quite a wide range of people in different walks of life and age groups get greater clarity about their business, and handle better the challenges of leadership in this fast changing world of ours.

It probably helps that I’ve had some pretty diverse work and life experiences.

I’ve worked in factories, on building sites and farms, driven cabs, done sales, marketing and PR, and I’ve travelled in England, Ireland and continental Europe, the USA (visited Canada too briefly) and Asia.

I’ve been an English and History high school teacher, company director, business consultant, industry training specialist, coach, blogger and speaker, and a chief executive.

Right now I’m based on the beautiful Gold Coast in my home country, Australia. I travel for business when I need to, but technology links me with clients and colleagues around the world.

Why I love helping business leaders use social media strategically for business

One of the strengths I bring to my coaching is that I have the knowledge and experience to help guide strategic thinking about the new conditions of business created by that convergence of technology, society and work. That’s not just about social media, but social media is part of the mix.

Now some people I know are quite indifferent about social media as it relates to business – or even dismissive. And some are very negative because of the risk involved.

But the world has changed and whether we’ll still call it “social media” in five years time or even a year from now, the whole business environment will never be the same again. And while there are challenges in that, I see so much that can help us all do business better, be more engaged with our customers, work more effectively with our partners, and be more effective in achieving continuous improvement in our products and services. Thus making our customers happier and keen to still do business with us. Etcetera, etcetera. A virtuous loop.

Some see mostly risks. I see mostly opportunities.

Time for a conversation?

If you want to make the most of the new opportunities emerging daily in the world of business and think you could benefit from some informed support, why not get in touch for an obligation-free consultation and see if there might be scope for us to work together. My focus is on mid-market companies but if yours is a small business and you have a willingness to invest in the future and a budget for change , I’m open to a conversation.

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Call me +61 413 089 355 if you’d like to chat, or email if that’s easier: deswalsh(at)gmail(dot)com - we can meet on Skype or some such. Or you could use the Contact page on this website.