Everything you’ve ever done prepares you for it, but nothing you’ve ever done prepares you for it.”      Stepping Up to CEODes Walsh


Think about having your team really getting your vision, fully buying into it and helping you make it happen.

Imagine knowing all you need to know about digital disruption, including social media, and being super effective in harnessing it for your business.

How good would it be to feel you were as prepared as possible to meet any challenges from “Uber-ization”?

That’s the dream. But like most business owners and executives you probably have enough to do keeping up with your daily to do list.

Hi, I’m Des Walsh.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs solve these key challenges:

  • The frustration of what I call the CEO’s internal monologue, that comes from not having an attentive listener available, who has the experience and ability to provide thoughtful feedback and fresh ideas
  • The feeling of being left behind or overwhelmed, or both, about social media and how to use it safely and effectively to enhance their business

I do this by applying my advanced coaching skills, my expertise in social media strategy, my life experience and what I have gleaned from 20+ years in business.

I strongly believe that, while the era of digital disruption brings serious risk to whole industry sectors and to individual businesses, it also brings great opportunity for agile, adaptive companies and their leaders.

I’ve taken risks in my career and with my business, and re-invented myself and my business more than once, so I know the challenges and the fears that come with being an entrepreneur and really stepping up to leadership. I also know the exhilaration when you get it right.

When you work with me

You get my personal attention, my attentive listening, my skill in appreciative inquiry, my capability in strategic and creative thinking, my expertise in network building and social media, and the full array of the skills, experience and practical wisdom I have acquired in developing and managing major projects, leading people, communicating across generations, being alert and responsive to diversity issues, working at a senior level in government and having my own business for 20+ years.

As we work together

I’ll support you in processes of vision creation and strategic thinking.

I’ll help you develop and promote your personal brand, in harmony with the corporate brand.

I’ll be the attentive, experienced, objective but engaged listener you need to brainstorm and test ideas before you take them wider.

I’ll help you fill in any gaps in what you need to know or do about social media, especially LinkedIn.

I’ll be on call for those moments when you have a bright idea and want to test it, or a particular challenge where you need someone to listen to your proposed course of action.

And by the time we are done working together, you’ll:

  • be crystal clear about your vision for the business, the path forward and how to apply your strengths most effectively
  • be completely confident of your ability to capitalize on the opportunities offered by digital disruption and manage the risk effectively
  • have a clear strategy for maintaining and promoting your personal brand, in a complementary way to the corporate brand
  • have a roadmap for building and maintaining your social media presence and engagement and the knowledge you need to guide and monitor the company’s strategic social media activity

So if you’re ready to take action, grab some of my available time here and let’s chat.

Des Walsh is a business coach and independent, confidential sounding board for business owners and entrepreneurs. A long term advocate of smart, risk-mitigating business use of technology and a certified social media strategist, he is well placed to support businesses in adapting to the rapid changes in the technological, business and social environments.
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