Des Walsh is a Business Coach, Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Expert and Speaker.  He is author of the forthcoming book Simple Social Media Strategy Framework: 9 Basic Steps to Make Social Media Work for Your Business.

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As the Connected Coach for Social Business, Des helps business owners, executives and freelance professionals engage effectively with the new world of social business and achieve the knowledge, insight and adaptive ability they require so as to create their own competitive advantage.

He brings to the task a unique blend of high level coaching skills, a deep, strategic understanding of the social business environment, and practical business experience and wisdom, to deliver readily understandable and action-oriented guidance for his clients.

More fundamentally for any coach, he knows how to listen.

Des has been delivering communication, training and coaching services for businesses, not-for-profits and government organisations, for over 20 years.

A keen observer of emerging business trends, Des is intensely engaged with the new social business environment and passionate about helping companies operate effectively in that space.

Des has been blogging since 2003, writing for his own blogs, and for the thoughtleading sites Social Media Today, My Venture Pad and Customer Think. In 2005 he co-authored “LinkedIn for Recruiting”, one of the first books on LinkedIn, and established the LinkedIn Bloggers Group, first on Yahoo! Groups and later on LinkedIn Groups. He is founder of the international 30 Day Linking Blitz project.

Des Walsh is, hands down, one of the frontrunners in the digital landscape – nationally and globally. To say ‘he knows his stuff’ is frankly an understatement. His complementary skill set – that of a coach and social media strategist – gives him the ability to communicate and work with a wide array of clientele, regardless of age, industry or sector.     Eddie Harran,  Entrepreneur, Futurist


I’m Sydney born and bred, have lived and worked mostly in Australia, but also in Germany and England.

I’ve been variously a teacher of English and History, public sector senior executive, company director, business consultant, industry training specialist, coach and blogger.

I have a lot of experience in education policy development, the arts and cultural development programs.

I have my feet on the ground. I’ve worked in factories, on building sites and on farms, driven cabs, done sales and marketing and PR.

I love helping communication and connections between people. I’m always learning and in 2011 I qualified as a Certified Social Media Strategist with Society3 Academy (formerly Social Media Academy).

Des Walsh speaking at Public Sphere #2, Parliament House, Canberra, June 2009

What clients get is the benefit of my practical experience in social media and a proven methodology. For more information on my social media strategy services, go to http://deswalsh.com/social-media/

In 2011, in response to a number of requests, I launched a set of LinkedIn coaching packages for professionals wanting to use their LinkedIn membership more productively.

My coaching focus is on eliciting greatness in my clients.

Graduate School of Coaching - class of 2003

My special skill is in being able to help people get clarity about their purpose, so they can play more effectively at the “inner game” that separates champions from the rest. Find out more about my business coaching at http://deswalsh.com/coaching

It has been my pleasure to have Des as my business coach for the past 6 years. Des combines all the fundamentals of a good coach – expert knowledge; clear manner; guidance and suggestion rather than didactic instruction – with a leading edge knowledge of the way social media can improve my business. He is a trusted colleague and a key part of the continued success of my firm. Kris Gale, Managing Partner, Michael Johnson & Associates

Other interests

As well as being passionate about social media and coaching, I’m also keenly interested in history, international politics, travel, literature, music, cross-cultural communication, story telling and personal development.

Des Walsh - I'm blogging thisMy home base is Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast (Map) where I typically start my day at the beach with a walk and a swim in the surf. With online conferencing available at the click of a mouse and the Gold Coast international airport only ten minutes away, distance from clients is not a problem.

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“Trends in technology, society, and work converge to create enormous opportunity for businesses to become more effective, efficient, transparent, and agile. But navigating the challenges that these emerging trends present demands a willingness to embrace change and a fundamentally different approach to how business gets done.” Social Business Design, Dachis Group…

Image credit: Des Walsh speaking at Parliament House, Canberra, June 2009: Stephen Collins – trib, via Flickr , Creative Commons licence