Everything you’ve ever done prepares you for it, but nothing you’ve ever done prepares you for it.”      Stepping Up to CEO

Can you relate to this?

Everyone who is or has been a chief executive or an entrepreneur with a big dream knows the “lonely at the top” feeling. You know, when you are facing a big problem, or you have a big idea, and for various reasons it’s hard or impossible to talk to anyone about it?

Maybe you worry that your business partners, your staff, or your board of directors will think you’ve lost your nerve, or your wits, or both! And your spouse or significant other is sick of conversations about the business.

So you settle for your good old internal monologue. But deep down you know that’s not enough and maybe not always reliable.

You Need an Independent Listener

Des WalshHi, I’m Des Walsh. I support business owners and entrepreneurs with independent, experienced, skilled listening and fresh thinking about problems, challenges and opportunities.

I’m the independent, professional sounding board I wish I’d had when I was a CEO.

Because I’ve been where you are.

I know what it’s like to be responsible for a team. I know about budget overruns and unforeseen problems that wake you up in the middle of the night wondering what to do. I know about having big dreams that others think are crazy – until they work and then everyone wants the credit, right?

And I know what it’s like to feel your team isn’t quite tuning in to your vision.

Or worrying about your competitors, or external factors in the market or the general economy.

I could go on. But you get the picture.

So How Does This Coaching Thing Work?

Well first up, I don’t tell you how to run your business. I assume you know your business better than anyone.
You just need some help in getting it running more effectively, more profitably, and with less stress on your part.

Which is where I come in. I’m the guy you can brainstorm with, float thought bubbles with, share your worries with knowing they won’t go any further, even sound off to, without having to bother your team, your partners or your significant other while you go through the process of testing your ideas and seeking solutions.

What Do I Bring?

I’ve had my own business for over 20 years, first as a communications consultant and then, since 2003 as a business coach.

Before setting up my business I was a senior government official, having started out at the bottom of the pack, as a general dogsbody ‘base grade clerk’. In the process I went from that lowlier role to developing and managing multimillion dollar national and state level programs. That required at times a lot of sensitive, high level negotiation, often in politically delicate contexts, and a few occasions of serious requirements to hold my nerve so as to get the outcome I had been tasked to get.

As a coach I’ve worked more in the small to medium business sector, especially with professional services companies and individual entrepreneurs.

My coaching phase commenced 14 years ago when I had the great privilege and eye-opening experience of doing a weekend workshop with the late, great coach Thomas Leonard. Subsequently I trained as a coach with Coachville, one of several coaching organizations Thomas founded, and Coachville’s Graduate School of Coaching.

Apart from that I’ve learned a lot about life and people through working at all sorts of jobs in my life, from taxi driving, to hard manual work, to shop assistant, as well as being a lower grade then senior government official, a CEO and later a communications consultant.

I’ve taken risks in my career and with my business, and re-invented myself and my business more than once, so I know the challenges and the fears that come with being an entrepreneur and really stepping up to leadership. I also know the exhilaration when you get it right!

Also, along the way I discovered blogging and then social media as a way for small and medium businesses to play big. I’ve since become certified as a social media strategist, and I’ve done quite a bit of presenting, training and coaching on social media, which gives me another frame of reference to support my work as a business coach.

When You Work With Me

When you work with me you get:

  • my personal attention
  • my attentive listening
  • my skill in appreciative inquiry
  • my capability in strategic and creative thinking
  • my expertise in network building and social media

And you get the full array of the skills, experience and practical wisdom I have acquired in developing and managing major projects, leading people, communicating across generations, being alert and responsive to diversity issues, being an active promoter of the digital economy for over 20 years, working at a senior level in government and having my own business for 20+ years.

Des Walsh is a business coach and independent, confidential sounding board for business owners and entrepreneurs. A long term advocate of smart, risk-mitigating business use of technology and a certified social media strategist, he is well placed to support businesses in adapting to the rapid changes in the technological, business and social environments.
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“Reach out to Des if you feel like the top is a lonely place! Des specializes in listening to and understanding the problems you face at the executive level”. Calvin Simpson