I live on a river, in an area of usually abundant rainfall and with “town supply” water literally on tap.

It’s hard for me to imagine what it must be like to live where it is a challenge to find enough water in a day for just basic necessities of staying alive in a reasonably healthy manner. And where even what water might be available is just as likely to be seriously, life-threateningly polluted.

Thanks to my friend Paul Chaney, my attention and no doubt that of many others of our social media colleagues has been drawn to a  campaign to raise $50,000 to help dig wells in developing countries. The campaign has been initiated by word of mouth marketing maestro Andy Sernovitz – @sernovitz on Twitter.

Andy is partnering with with charity: water, to use the power of social media and recommendations to bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations.

Andy’s campaign aims to raise $50,000 and build wells in 10 villages.

I’m joining Paul Chaney’s team to raise $5,000 to build one of those.

The math is straightforward:

  • $20 gives a person clean, safe water for 20 years
  • $5,000 builds a well that gives clean, safe water to an entire village for 20 years

Think of the health impact – literally saving lives and extending life expectancy.

To find out more about the campaign and details of how to donate, go to http://gaspedal.com/water .

Let’s chip in.

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