As regular readers and subscribers will know, one of the things I do these days is look after the Australia and New Zealand market for social media release platform PitchEngine.

Some exciting news for me this week on the PitchEngine front, with particularly practical implications for the many Australian and NZ companies marketing into China and the greater Asian region, was the announcement of a number of new services via PitchEngine Asia, including the launch of a new translation service to enhance the reach and impact of social media releases produced on the PitchEngine platform.

Together with the announcement of a new partnering agreement with Reuters China, which will enable the provision of a value-adding service to obtain much greater distribution for any PitchEngine subscriber going into or already in the China market.

For a quick scan, here are the key points in the media release on these and related developments (points lifted from the social media release, of course!):

  • PitchEngine, Inc., opens Asia office, launches new site
  • New partnership with Reuters China delivers unprecedented distribution to PitchEngine users
  • SMR translation capabilities include 12 languages
  • PitchEngine offers SMR distribution via Baidu, the third largest search provider

The full release is here – there is a button to click so as to see the release in full screen mode.

PitchEngine Adds Global Translation Services

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