XeeSM, which is so new it is not even in public beta yet, is a tool for managing social relationships.

By providing a simple web address (URL) XeeSM gives you a way to provide one link from which people can instantly check out your various online presences, from your website to your LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites.

I’ve set up my XeeSM account (which is free) to display links for: one of my del.icio.us accounts, my LinkedIn profile, Slideshare site, Skype and Twitter addresses and my blog (Website). Although the application may not be widely known, at times like this it is surely a good thing to have a not totally common name: I had no problem scoring my own name for my XeeSM url – http://xeeSM.com/deswalsh (it works also with www prefix).


Some suggestions are provided onsite about potential uses of your XeeSM profile link and how to go about implementing them:

  • include in your email signature
  • put on your business card (don’t need new cards to accommodate new social networking links)
  • include on your LinkedIn profile in the Websites section
  • Twitter profile link space (solves the problem of which link to use)
  • website/blog (don’t have to keep updating links)
  • and so on…

These all make sense. And having just had new business cards printed I took the point particularly about the advantage of putting a XeeSM link on your business card.

Another advantage of the XeeSM url is that it is so short it doesn’t need to be put through a url shortener.

XeeSM is pronounced, we are told on the website, “see sam” and the SM stands for Social Media.

I’m not such an early adopter as not to be a bit wary of new apps. I really don’t get a buzz out of helping someone to break in a new app. But XeeSM has a good pedigree, having been produced by Xeequa Corp., providers of the eponymous social media platform. Axel Schultze, Xeequa Corp. founder and principal, is also the brains behind and heavily involved in delivering the new Social Media Academy.

Check out XeeSM. Grab your name before someone else does. Then share your new url here in the comments, if you wish.

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Des Walsh is a business coach and independent, confidential sounding board for business owners and entrepreneurs. A long term advocate of smart, risk-mitigating business use of technology and a certified social media strategist, he is well placed to support businesses in adapting to the rapid changes in the technological, business and social environments. Connect with Des on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. And to stay in the loop, get Des’s weekly Social Business Bites (select snippets of his "best of the week" online finds).

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