links for 2008-09-25

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  1. Hey Des – thanks for the mention…it sounds like you had just as good of a time as I did at BWE. :)

    I loved the thoughts on finding the time to blog – it’s definitely all about being real and ‘having a cup of coffee with the reader’.

    Keep on having fun,

    Ryan Hupfer
    HubPages Communicator of Awesomeness!

  2. Ryan
    Definitely had fun, although I had a bit more work to do this year than last, with the intros and time-keeping. What a great few days it was! I *will* check out HubPages properly. :)

  3. Des – Had the best time as part of your panel with Rick and Robyn. You did a great job moderating! As always great to see you and Suzie too.

  4. Thanks Toby
    It was fun and I’ve had great feedback from here and there – one person said it was their fave session. What a team!