On Sunday last, I installed WordPress 2.02 and re-installed the tables in the database, but without the databases for the spamblocker plugins which I previously had installed, Spam Karma 2 and Bad Behaviour: reason was I had spent hours trying to restore the database and something went wrong each time, so I decided not to reinstall the SK2 and BB tables. Whether that helped or not I did get a successful install of WP2 and my old posts, categories etc.

But as it made sense to have spam protection I downloaded SK2 and installed it again. Then I saw what looked to my non-expert eye like problems and followed the advice on the Spam Karma 2 site and sent a bug report to sk2-bug ‘at this domain’ (which I took to mean http://unkowngenius.com ) So far I have had no answer but have had a couple of legit and helpful comments apparently blocked from the site (got them in an email notification). As a way of hopefully getting help, I am posting these paras and linking to this page (don’t want a lot of code stuff in a public post forever) which reproduces the text from my email message – including examples of problems – from Sunday, so that hopefully if my email has been eaten this post will help somehow. I’d really like to have Spam Karma 2 working and working properly, but don’t want to be losing legitimate comments, if indeed it is SK2 making that happen.

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